Suits are the perfect fashion statements for men and having one great suit adds up to the wardrobe. There are different types of suits available in the market and also different styles. The difference of American, British and European suit is always a matter of comparison. But let’s deal with European one. The basic mark of European suit is marked by the sharp shoulder line to a trim waist which forms the shape of V design and this suit is famous for the shape. These suits generally have a deep cut armhole that makes the suit easy to move and feel comfortable with rich and elegant look.
There are different categorizations of suits like single breasted or double breasted having different number of buttons like one button, two buttons, three buttons or more. The opening at the back of the jacket is called vent. A suit may have double vent, single vent and no vents. The no vents give the suit a sleek and fitted look. The European suit is single breasted with two buttons and no vents or sometimes double vents which give the perfect look of fitted suit. The jackets waist are also categorized as suppressed waist and American fit and European suits are having the suppressed waist with padded shoulders which are a common feature of these suits.  These suits come in wool, cotton or polyester. The wool suits are heavy and cheap and cotton suits are light but costly, so manufacturers also provide blended ones to make it available to all.  These suits are shorter in length than the American one which are longer due to sizes and built of the American. They have close cuts and severe shoulders and small high armholes which makes the figure look fitted.
The trousers are also slim fits with a lower rise. The dress looks ideal with European shoes especially the Italian ones and a handkerchief and a flap-less pocket complete the total look.  Thus, it can infer that man with bulkier body should avoid this suit and only slim men can wear as these are the fitted suits. Worn properly, these suits look sexy, but improperly it will look like a child wearing the suit. It is mass made suits available to all.